Best Greenhouse Heaters


Gardening is a fun and stress-relieving hobby for many people. However, it may test your patience a little when it gets difficult to care for your plants due to changes in weather. Greenhouses are a great way to create a stable environment for plants, but they may be susceptible to cold temperatures without the right gear.

That is where greenhouse heaters come in. They are a great way to protect your greenhouse from weather changes.

There are some features that make a greenhouse heater the ideal choice for you. Some of the best greenhouse heaters and their specifications are discussed in this article.

1. US Palma BioGreen Electric Fan Heater

Palma BioGreen Heater is made from stainless steel that makes it sturdy and durable. It is also efficient enough to heat damp rooms like garages and basements in addition to being used for a greenhouse.

It has a single dial with a simple interface, which makes it easy to use. Palma has a strong 1.5 kilowatt power heater which can circulate air at 163 cubic meters per hour, making it the ideal heater for smaller greenhouses.

You can also choose to have an optional digital thermostat installed in this heater. This additional feature would allow you to regulate the temperature of the greenhouse at temperatures below 32° Fahrenheit.

The powerful fan is convenient for use even in summers. Turning the heater on in fan mode will regulate the air movement in the greenhouse and keep it cool.

US Palma is also splash proof with an IPx4 rating, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your heater while watering your plants in the greenhouse.

With a 6.2 feet electric cord, you can carry the heater with you to keep you warm while you work in your greenhouse.


  • Brand: Bio Green
  • Power: 1.5 kilowatt
  • Build: Stainless Steel
  • Water Resistance: IPx4 splash proof
  • Power Source: Electric cord
  • Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 14 inches
  • Heating Method: Forced air
  • Heating Coverage: 120 square feet


  • High air circulation
  • Energy efficient
  • Strong build
  • Splash proof
  • Compact and portable


  • Cannot be used in large greenhouses
  • Not very effective in extreme weather
  • Weak airflow


2. Dr. Heater DR218

This lightweight and portable heater would be ideal to warm greenhouses of up to 150 square feet. It is a 1500-watt heater and comes in only one setting, making it very easy to use.

Its heavy duty, ball bearing motor ensures that it can be used for a long time without requiring much attention to its maintenance. The heater is completely enclosed in a stainless-steel body, lending extra strength and durability to it.

Dr. Heater has been fitted with thermal protection. It has a precision temperature sensor, which will detect when the temperature rises above the prescribed setting and the regulator will cause the heater to slow down. This means that you don’t have to worry about your plants scorching to death.

The adjustable thermostat control allows you to create the most comfortable environment for your plants to grow and develop.


  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 5.9 kilograms
  • Manufacturer: Dr. Heater
  • Heating Method: Radiant
  • Water Resistance: IPx4 splash proof
  • Power: 1.5 kilowatt
  • Power Source: Electric cord
  • Heating Coverage: 1,500 square feet


  • Low power consumption
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Splash proof
  • Effective temperature control and heat regulation


  • Not very reliable
  • Not suitable for large spaces


3. Mr. Heater Little Buddy

Mr. Heater Little Buddy is a portable, propane heater that can be used to heat spaces up to ninety-five square feet.

Using heaters in compact rooms has always been a health hazard and a safety issue. With Mr. Heater that is no longer a problem. It has strong, automatic shut-off systems in place that turn off the heater if the oxygen level in the room falls below a certain level.

The protective systems in this heater also turns it off in case of an accidental tip-off. This means that you can leave your heater turned on overnight without the risk of it burning down your greenhouse.

It has a forty-five-degree heating angle with the maximum elevation of 7,000 feet. It has simple on/off buttons and a one-heat setting of 3,800 British thermal units per hour. Its lightweight and simple settings make it very easy to use.

With its small size and extensive safety features, it is a great choice to create a comfortable environment for your plants in a compact greenhouse.


  • Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 2.3 kilograms
  • Manufacturer: Enerco Group Inc
  • Heating Method: Propane
  • Water Resistance: No
  • Power: 1.1 kilowatt
  • Heating Coverage: Ninety-five square feet


  • Best for small spaces
  • Reliable safety controls
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Heavy fuel consumption
  • Fragile build
  • Difficulty lighting up


4. AmazonBasics Ceramic Mini Heater

This Mini Heater, being small and compact, is very suitable for small spaces like greenhouses and garages. It is available in a variety of colors and has an elegant, vintage style. So, with this heater, you can provide a suitable temperature for your plants without ruining the aesthetic of your greenhouse.

It has been fitted with ceramic coils, which take merely seconds to heat up. It maintains an even, warm flow of air that will keep your plants happy and healthy.

AmazonBasics Ceramic Heater has been designed with safety in mind. It is built to operate in compact spaces, having a strong base and a very effective tip-over protection system in place to ensure the safety of the user.

The heater uses the conventional forced-air system of heating and makes use of a naturally conducive, quick-heating ceramic element to provide the best comfort.

It has the power requirement of 500 watts and is plugged in to use. The small size not only makes it space friendly but also energy efficient and portable.

With only one setting and a whole lot of comfort, it is a delight to use.


  • Dimensions: 5.87 x 3.2 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 0.65 kilogram
  • Manufacturer: AmazonBasics
  • Power: 500 watts
  • Water Resistance: No
  • Power Source: Electric cable
  • Heating Coverage: Eighty square feet
  • Heating Method: Convection


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost friendly
  • Tip-over protection
  • Space friendly


  • Won’t heat large spaces
  • Inefficient in extreme weather


5. Dr. Infrared Heater

It may cost you a few bucks, but with a ton of features and high-quality material, Dr. Infrared Heater is the ideal choice for a greenhouse.

It uses infrared technology to warm objects instead of air, which results in absolutely no heat loss. A reduction in heat loss translates into reduced energy consumption and eventually, a considerable decrease in electricity bills.

The heater is installed with a removable filter that can be easily cleaned and fit back into the heater. The benefits of this removable filter are twofold — first, a fresh filter extends the life of the heater, and second, it makes maintaining the heater extremely easy.

Dr. Infrared has an advanced heating system with a high-efficiency blower that can deliver a higher level of heating at the same energy consumption level as other heaters.

With safety measures like tip-over protection and auto shut-off overheat protection, you don’t need to worry about putting your plants at risk while maintaining a suitable temperature for them.

Also, there are no exposed heating elements, so there is zero risk of a fire.

The distinguishing feature of this heater is its moisture-retaining capability. This is especially helpful in a greenhouse, as it would not deprive your plants of the moisture they need or dry them out.

There are three different modes at different energy consumption levels. There is an Auto Mode which maintains the temperature at the level that you require. Then there is a High Mode, which runs at 1,500 watts, and a Low Mode, which utilizes 1,000 watts.

Other unique features like remote control, programmable timer, and noise cancellation make it a truly admirable and useful piece of equipment.


  • Dimensions: 13 x 12.5 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 10.9 kilograms
  • Manufacturer: Dr. Heater
  • Heating Method: Radiant
  • Power: 1-1.5 kilowatts
  • Power Source: Electric Cord
  • Remote Control: Yes


  • Energy efficient
  • Multiple modes depending on requirement
  • Quick heating
  • Can heat large rooms
  • Low noise
  • Strong safety features
  • Automatic temperature regulation
  • Remote control


  • Expensive
  • A little bulky


Buying Guide – Finding The Best Product For You

When looking for the ideal greenhouse heater, there are a few things that you should consider such as the heater size, energy requirement, and price. At the same time, going for a product that has all of the features is not wise.

Before you go looking for a heater, or any product for that matter, you should know what your requirements are and choose accordingly.


The size of the heater depends on the size of your greenhouse. Most heaters have a specified square footage that they would work best in. Make a choice according to the size of your greenhouse.

Naturally, a large greenhouse would require a relatively bigger heater to warm it as compared to a small greenhouse.

Heater Type

You may think that all heaters work to warm a room, so the type doesn’t matter. There are several reasons for that.

Number one is convenience. If you do not have an electrical connection in your greenhouse, it would not be convenient or smart to buy an electric heater. In that case, you would want a propane or paraffin heater.

If you want a steady, even flow of warm air that reaches all parts of the greenhouse, the best choice for you would be a fan heater.

If you have proper ventilation and do not want to put an additional burden on your electricity meter, you may opt for a gas heater.

It all depends on your requirements and whatever heater best suits your needs.

Energy Efficiency

Electric heaters are more convenient for most people considering the power rating of the heater that you are going to buy is very important.

The power rating of a heater tells you how much power it needs to heat a specific sized greenhouse. It also tells the rate of energy consumption of a heater.

You will need a heater with a high-power rating for a large greenhouse. You should always go for heaters that are able to produce the maximum heat for the lowest possible energy consumption.

Using a high-power heater for a small greenhouse is not advisable, because it will only result in high electric costs and excessive heat loss.

AmazonBasics 500-watt heater would be a great choice in terms of energy efficiency and cost reduction.


Before you go looking for a heater, you should certainly have a budget in mind.

If you are not looking to spend any amount on a greenhouse heater, the best choice would be to buy a heater that has the basic features that you need to get the job done but does not have any special features that make it extra costly.

If cost does not concern you, even then, it is not a smart decision to buy an expensive heater that may have extraordinary features that you do not need — the optimum choice depends on your requirements.


If you need absolute peace and quiet while you work on your plants, you may want a heater that is not excessively noisy.

Different heaters have a different noise level, so you may want to invest accordingly. For a heavy-duty, multi-featured yet super quiet heater, Dr Infrared Heater would be the best choice.


How expensive is it to use a greenhouse heater?

The cost of operating a greenhouse heater depends on its size and power consumption.

Can a greenhouse heater be used for heating other rooms?

They can be used according to their capacity and are not exclusive to being used in a greenhouse. The heaters can be used for heating other rooms of the same square footage as the greenhouse.

Are greenhouse heaters pet friendly?

Some infrared heaters may be entirely enclosed so that the heating parts are not exposed, but still it is not safe to let your pets around heaters.

Would using a greenhouse heater dry out plants?

Heaters are used to maintain a temperature that is best for plants to grow but care should be taken that the temperature does not rise above a certain level, otherwise you run the risk of drying out your plants.


In conclusion, a greenhouse heater will ensure that you continue enjoying gardening all year round and will be able to keep your plants alive even after they go out of season. Now you should know the best heaters with the best features and also how to choose the ideal heater based on your requirements. Happy heater shopping!